What is 4 Hours?


Picked and Press with in 4 hours.

Olive fruit has a core, pulp of the olive, olive fruit juice and olive oil.

After olives are picked from the tree, important vitamins and minerals beneficial to human health start oxidizing and decreasing over time.

On the İLHAN SARI ORGANIC OLIVE FARM, organic olive oil is extracted from hand-picked olives right on the farm in an oxygen-free environment within 4 hours of the olives being picked.

For example, the time of Roman Empire; The Roman use the olive oils which have been extracted very late, for oil of the candle.

It is crucial to have no more than 4 hours of time between the picking of olives and oil-extraction in order to preserve the presence of these beneficial vitamins and complex molecules. The İLHAN SARI ORGANIC OLIVE FARM with on-site oil extraction is one of the very few producers who can proudly and officially guarantee the 4 hour oil extraction.

At İLHAN SARI ORGANIC OLIVE FARM, The method of 4 hours confirmed by many laboratory tests

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