Organic Olive Farm



One of the holliest gifts from the Creator…

One of the most crucial sources of nutrition…

Olive oil

The long and arduous voyage of the organic olive oil in the İLHAN SARI ORGANIC OLIVE FARM starts on clean soil free from all chemicals and pollutants.

The organic olive groves of the İLHAN SARI ORGANIC OLIVE FARM are positioned far away from all sources of pollution such as industrial areas, major highways, mines, metropolitan centers and refuse disposal areas.

From the day the first olive tree has been planted, the farm has been certified as an organic agricultural farm by ECOCERT, an agency recognized officially by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture as well as internationally for organic certification and auditing.

In short, all trees are organic from birth on the İLHAN SARI ORGANIC OLIVE FARM

The farm rests on 3,500,000 (three and a half million) square meters or nearly 865 acres of fertile land between two rivers. In a climate most favourable for olive culture, olive trees have flourished in this area since 50 B.C. as archeological artifacts found in the area have shown.

On the İLHAN SARI ORGANIC OLIVE FARM, organic olive oil is extracted from hand-picked olives right on the farm in an oxygen-free environment within 4 hours of the olives being picked.

After olives are picked from the tree, important vitamins and minerals beneficial to human health start oxidizing and decreasing over time.

It is crucial to have no more than 4 hours of time between the picking of olives and oil-extraction in order to preserve the presence of these beneficial vitamins and complex molecules. The İLHAN SARI ORGANIC OLIVE FARM with on-site oil extraction is one of the very few producers who can proudly and officially guarantee the 4 hour oil extraction.

Additional care is then required to store the organic olive oil under the right conditions to maintain its high nutritional value and purity. The olive oil is finally bottles into specially designed bottles made from dark colored glass in Italy in order to preserve its quality.

After the season’s first olive oil is filled into bottles all the farm’s staff from the farmers to the pickers and the oil extractors feel the well-earned pride and happiness for having contributed to the production of such a fine olive oil.

All of the İLHAN SARI ORGANIC OLIVE FARM staff go through continous on the job training not only on their own respective fields but on the whole olive growing picking olive oil making process as well as on maintaining organic conditions by the best experts in their fields.

We take pride in the superior product that we produce with great care and love on the İLHAN SARI ORGANIC OLIVE FARM and we sincerely believe that the unique and consistent superior taste, aroma and the rich nutritional aspects of our olive oil will become a passion for those who have been acquainted with it.

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