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It is oleuropein (C25H32O13) and the 20.000+ active substances which it contains, that protects the olive tree from all kinds of harmful bacteria, microorganisms and viruses, that allow the olive tree live for 3000 years.

İlhan Sarı

The Benefits of Organic Olive Leaf Tea:

  1. It helps strengthen the immune system.

  2. It helps in lowering blood sugar. (It helps lower insulin resistance.)

  3. It helps regulate the body’s intestinal system and respiratory tracts.

  4. It helps reduce fatty liver.

  5. Helps protect nerve cells from Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

  6. With its protective effect on cardiovascular health, it helps to reduce the level of fat in blood and the accumulation of plaques in the vessels and delays the damage of the heart muscle.

  7. Because of the antioxidants it contains, it prevents the genetic damage of the cells and helps to protect against tumor formation.

  8. It helps protect against viruses like hepatitis B.

  9. It helps to increase the flow of blood in the heart vessels.

  10. It helps relax blood circulation.

  11. It helps prevent heart diseases and heart attacks.

  12. It helps destroy hydrogen peroxide (components that damage DNA).

  13. It helps to relieve weakness and malaise.

  14. It prevents viral diseases such as HIV, epstein-barr, herpes and influenza.

  15. It relieves sore throat, chronic sinusitis, skin diseases and pneumonia.

  16. It helps to eliminate the symptoms of all types of infections; including fungal, bacterial, viral and other parasitic protozoan.

  17. It is effective in the treatments of chronic fatigue, athlete's foot, arthritis, psoriasis and colds.

  18. It is a natural antibiotic (due to the high amount of oleuropein (C25H32O13) in our organic olive leaf).

  19. It relieves the symptoms of spring flu. It provides relief from the flu and colds.

  20. It helps heal sinusitis.

  21. It reduces the lines on the skin and is effective in removing wrinkles.

  22. It protects the skin against aging.

  23. It helps remove cellulite.

  24. It gives a feeling of fullness when drunk on an empty stomach. It helps lose weight.

  25. It helps prevent gallstone formation.

Specialist Dr. Sedat AKSIN

Internal Diseases Specialist



İlhan Sari

Preparing Organic Olive Leaf Tea

  1. 12-13 organic olive leaves are taken for 1 cup of tea. Each of the leaves is shredded into 7-8 pieces (It is recommended to shred even smaller).

  2. After boiling water in a coffee pot, the shredded organic olive leaves are put into the boiling water and boiled for another 2 minutes. After two minutes, the coffee pot is removed from the stove and brewed for 8 minutes and served after straining.

  3. It is recommended to consume at least three cups a day.

  4. The same method is used when using a tea glass.


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