About Us


İlhan Sarı, the founder and owner of İlhan Sarı Organic Olive Farm; has purchased and merged the land from hundreds of individual land owners since 2000 and turned this into a large parcel. The timeline of our farm which demonstrates how olive saplings are planted, grown and raised organically to establish the world's largest organic olive farm, produce the world's highest quality pharmaceutical grade olive oil, organic olive leaf tea, produce organic olive leaf extract and medicine from the olive leaves containing world's highest oleuropein; is explained in the photographs below.


The Goals And Missions Of İlhan Sarı Organic Olive Farm


Starting from the organic nutrition and care program of our trees, with the superior advantages provided by the geography and climate where our farm is located; with our innovative, rational and responsible approach, we as İlhan Sarı Organic Olive Farm aim to be the most environmentally friendly, high quality, distinct organic olive oil producer with the most medical benefits for human health and to make medical organic olive leaf tea, medical organic olive leaf extract and medicine from organic olive leaves.

We care about nature and humanity.

We believe that our principled stance will bring us to the top…

As İlhan Sarı Organic Olive Farm, the most important point when picking our organic olives, which are grown with the fresh air and atmosphere of the Aegean region and are picked by taking all precautions not to harm nature, is the 4-hour rule.

The amount of minerals and vitamins useful for human health begin to decrease as time passes from the picking of the olives from branches. The time required for the olives not to lose their naturalness and be cold pressed in the freshness they were picked is 4 hours maximum.

Since our own facility, which produces olive oil in an oxygen-free environment with the world's highest technology, is located in our Ilhan Sarı Organic Olive Farm which has a size of 3.5 million m2, we apply the 4-hour rule 100%.

This is the biggest advantage and thus the difference of İlhan Sarı organic olive oils.

In addition, İlhan Sarı organic olive oil is offered under the supervision of the international organic surveillance agency ECOCERT and in black bottles that protect from light to preserve the superior qualities of the oil.

For us, these 3 items come first.


*Benefitting humanity.

*Making nature clean and pure.

As İlhan Sarı organic olive farm, we bring the cleanliness of nature from our garden to your tables

Because you deserve the best.


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