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4 Hours Organic Olive Oil for Pregnant

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4 Hours

Organic Baby Olive

Green Harvest


Cold Press


Extra virgin olive oil


Type of olive used : Organic and specially selected Green Baby Olives that are newly formed in the branch

Tightening Technology :  With high technology, cold squeezing in an oxygen-free environment without touching hands and using no heat.

Harvest Time : Early Green Harvest.

Harvest Period : The collection and squeezing process has been done within maximum 4 hours.

Product : Organic Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Pregnant Women

Amount of Olive Used : The amount of organic green baby olives used for 1 liter of organic pregnant olive oil is 10-13 kg.

It is sold in 250 ml dark colored glass bottles.


We have produced the most natural for future generations ...

It is produced by using 100% Organic, chemical fertilizer and pesticides under the supervision of the international organic surveillance agency ECOCERT®, which is obtained by selecting specifically for PREGNANT with the timing of the Early Green Harvest, 4 HOUR ORGANIC NATURAL LEAKING OLIVE OIL. It is extra virgin olive oil produced by special cold pressing method in an oxygen-free environment, without any mixture, within 4 hours from the moment when it is carefully harvested from the branch of specially grown green olives.

Our olive oil for pregnant women contains 2.30g Antioxidant per 100g; Contains vitamin E, A, D, K vitamins; The amount of Vitamin E is 117 mg / kg. (4 HOUR ORGANIC NATURAL LEAKING OLIVE OIL ANALYSIS TUBITAK data for pregnant women.) Thanks to the Omega-3 Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids and Vitamins, our olive oil; It accelerates the brain development and bones of children.

* For pregnant women, vitamin E must be taken during pregnancy, as it affects the development of the baby's intelligence.

* In the deficiency of vitamin E, bloating may occur due to the accumulation of water in the body.

* It is protective against cancer.

* Cholesterol:

As it is known, the main cause of heart diseases is high cholesterol. However, there are 2 known types of cholesterol. One of them is HLD, that is good cholesterol and the other is LDL, bad cholesterol. 4 HOURS organic olive oil raises good cholesterol, lowers bad cholesterol.

It also thinens the blood. As a result, it eliminates the risks of heart attacks.

* It prevents vascular stiffness and vascular occlusion.

* As people age, they begin to wear out in their brains and fail to perform all functions as before. This is called brain aging. 4 HOUR ORGANIC NATURAL LEAKING OLIVE OIL with Vitamin E stops the aging of the brain by providing the renewal of the brain cells.

* Increases the production of elastane and collagen fibers, keeps the skin supple.

* It is effective for diabetes disease. In addition, it is useful to control the blood sugar in the body and to stop the clotting problems and to open the blocked vessels.

* It is protective against cancer.

* It is a natural food source that offers effective solutions in constipation cases.

* It provides renewal of the cells and protects the cell structure. It prevents the deterioration of the cell structure, helps the healing of wounds.


* Heavy metals taken into the body protect against toxic compounds, radiation and toxins created by some drugs.

* It is good for eye health and provides resistance against eye diseases.

* It provides removal of lines, scars, acne and wrinkles on the skin surface.

* By protecting the health of the skin, it allows us to have a younger skin.

* It protects the moisture balance of the skin.

* It prevents the loss of water of the skin and removes dryness of the skin. It prevents the formation of cracks due to drying.

* It is good for your skin problem, it makes the skin beautiful.

* It protects the skin against harmful rays of the sun and acts as a protective shield for the skin.

* It is a very powerful antioxidant that strengthens the immune system.

* 4 HOURS ORGANIC NATURAL LEAKING OLIVE OIL When applied to the skin, mosquitoes and houseflies do not bite the people who are driving.

* With 4 HOUR ORGANIC NATURAL LEAKING OLIVE OIL, teeth are kept white when gargled.

* Stabilizes and prevents hypertension.

* It ensures that the quality of mother's quality milk increases even more.

* It is effective in mother with diabetes. Provides diabetes control.

* Skulen is effective against cancer due to its active substance.

* It protects against toxins and prevents harm to the baby.

* It can be used from the second month of pregnancy to prevent abdominal cracks in pregnant mothers.

* Protects and strengthens the immune system.

* Since the child cannot get vitamin E in the womb, the mother can take a tablespoon of this olive oil in the morning and evening.

* It enables the mother to recover quickly after cesarean.

NOTE: ORGANIC NATURAL LEAKING OLIVE OIL FOR 4 HOUR PREGNANCES is a natural and organic food source that contains high amounts of vitamin E as well as vitamin D, vitamin K, vitamin A, Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9 and very high antioxidant content.


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